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Dr. Jenilee Rebarber

Jenilee Rebarber

Dr. Rebarber has been practicing optometry since 2009. She obtained her Doctor of Optometry degree from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico—her native island. She was awarded with Clinical Excellence in Contact Lenses and Pediatrics & Vision Therapy and was an active member of Voluntary Optometric Service for Humanity (VOSH), where she participated in mission trips to provide eye care to underserved communities in Dominican Republic.

Dr. Rebarber's remarkable experiences include working in conjunction with specialty ophthalmologists and providing post-operative care for cataracts, glaucoma, pterygium and strabismus surgery.  In addition, she held a Faculty and Clinical Instructor position for the School of Optometry in Puerto Rico for four years—an experience which she deeply treasures and hopes to be able to continue to mentor and contribute to the formation of future optometrists in her practice. Dr. Rebarber has been certified by the Florida Board of Optometry and is a member of the American Optometric Association as well as the Florida Optometric Association.

Dr. Rebarber's training and experience has allowed her to develop confidence in managing her patient's care and to be attuned with her patient's need. She has been characterized by giving attentive, compassionate, comprehensive and informative care and she has founded SightHealth Primary Eyecare with these values as the structure of its mission.

Dr. Rebarber communicates in English and Spanish and continues to work on learning ASL. She enjoys writing, cooking, crafts, photography, being a mom to her son, volunteering and being involved in missions and church ministry. She loves to travel, to explore the world and to learn about other cultures.