5 contact lens habits that wearers must live by

When it comes to contact lens care, there is so much to discuss. These tiny medical devices have the ability to make you see while being so comfortable that you forget that you are wearing them. For these reasons, wearers easily depend on them with a tendency to overlook the importance of proper care for their lenses.

The following are five of the most common habits that patients tend to forget but that can also be crucial in determining their eye health.

1.Discard your contact lenses at the time they are due for disposal from the moment you have opened the original package of the lens. Most patients believe that their contacts are good to keep wearing after the time of their disposable regimen if they don't use them as much. This is not true. From the moment you open your contact lens from its package, you are exposing the contact to irritants and allergens in your eye and in the environment. The contact lens material of your contact is made specifically to withhold that stress and provide you with optimal health to the tissues of your eyes for the time that they are exposed out of their packaging. Follow the recommended disposable time and if this doesn't fit you, then its best to consider another modality like a daily wear.

2. Replace your contact lens case every time you buy a new solution. Don't reuse that case. Just get a new one whenever you buy the solution. Some solutions already come with a new case. This is a good habit that minimized the risk of infections secondary to contact lens wear.

3. Do not swim with your contacts. Bacteria can be found in all types of water that we may go for a swim, for these reason, it is not advisable to wear the contacts while swimming. An alternative is to wear the daily disposable contact for the moment you are going to swim. Since this contact lens will be discarded right afterward it minimizes the risk of infection in your eyes.

4. Do not sleep with your contacts. Our practice discourages the use of contact lenses while sleeping due to the high incidence of infections that can threaten patient's vision as a result of it. Even though some lenses are approved for extended wear due to their ability to transmit adequate amounts of oxygen to the cornea, it doesn't mean that their use should be for the conventional wearer. These extended wear contact are highly useful in the eyecare practice for therapeutic purposes, when patients are monitored closely under treatment for a given condition that the lenses may help with the healing.

5. Have a backup pair of glasses. Give your contacts at least the evening off. Let your eyes have some direct contact with air by taking your contact out when you get home or wear your glasses during these times or some days a week. Backup glasses will be needed always in an event where you have an eye injury, infection or allergy condition that will not allow you to wear your contacts.

Contact lenses are highly valuable for our vision but we must make proper use of them in order to assure healthy eyes and avoid infections that may place a risk toward our vision. These are simple habit that all contact lens wearers should follow to achieve that.

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