Vision is Precious 

Just Like Them

The pediatric population is one in very much need of eyecare, especially nowadays as we turn more into a digital world. However, eyecare needs and assessments tend to be very commonly procrastinated among this population. Some people mistakenly think that eyecare is not required until later in life or until a visual problem is clearly evident. Unfortunately this idea leads to many kids developing lazy eyes that could've been prevented. For that reason, it is our mission to educate and meet pediatric eyecare needs.


Thru the InfantSEE program, Dr. Rebarber starts seeing patients at their 6 months of age in efforts to secure normal vision development. After many years of working with the pediatric population, Dr. Rebarber's experience has led to being comfortable in implementing techniques that facilitate the eye examination in kids.

Pediatric Primary Eyecare Services Include:

  • Identify normal vision development and visual milestones.

  • Track visual status as the eye grows toward emmetropization (the normalization of focusing objects in the eye) and correct abnormalities.

  • Identify binocular vision problems and provide solutions and treatments.

  • Treatment of Amblyopia or lazy eye.

  • Provide solutions that protect the eyes from digital eyestrain.

  • Identify when they might be ready to become contact lens wearers, fit them properly with the best suitable contact lens for kids and train them on their proper use.

  • Treatment of medical eye conditions like pink eye or allergies that commonly occur in kids.